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It! Ventures is a strategic venture of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. & The Understanding & Insight Group.

Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.

Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. ( and its WEB subsidiary i–Novation Inc. ( have 20 years experience of high–level market research. Ideamap® was developed 20 years ago by Howard Moskowitz a Harvard Ph.D and has been licensed internationally since 1993. The Ideamap® technology (hybrid conjoint) has been successfully used around the world for many Fortune 500 companies (like Bayer, Smith Kline Beecham, Warner Lambert, Nabisco, Kraft, HP, Clorox, etc.) as well as many other companies who use PC CAPI and WEB CAPI. Now, we have adapted this powerful technology to the ASP (do–it–yourself) level – IdeaMap®.NET (

IdeaMap®.Net Delivers to You: IdeaMap®.NET reveals the inside of a customer's mind through MJI's own expanded version of conjoint measurement. IdeaMap®.Net enables anyone, anywhere in the world to set up and field their own IdeaMap® project on the web at an affordable price.

IdeaMap®.Net enables you to design and manage your projects, recruit your own respondents, run the study, immediately obtain individual models showing impact of concept elements (individual models per respondent), generate immediate and ongoing information for top–line, and rapidly download your data in an Excel, SPSS or Systat in compatible format for further processing.

Contact Information:

Rachel Katz
Brand Manager
914-421-7400 (ext 334)

Suzanne Gabrione
Marketing Supervisor
914-421-7400 (ext 339)

Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
1025 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY 10604

The Understanding & Insight Group
Catalysts for Adaptive Growth

Connecting with consumers in a way that quickly builds your business through enhanced market acceptance. The Understanding & Insight Group ( dedicated to helping businesses (– large and small –) understand the fundamental needs of consumers so that the products and services our client companies deliver bring simplicity and joy to people's lives and added, measurable value to marketing and business programs. The Getting It!™ process allows us to make connecting with consumers a quicker and a more efficient experience. The Getting It!™ process works by combining in–context consumer emotional responses with proprietary processes to rapidly create innovative strategies and businesses with strongly appealing products and services.

The process and methods utilized by The Understanding & Insight Group have proven successful in a varied range of applications, for businesses both big and small, and in many industries around the world. A sampling of the type of companies The U&I Group has found success with appears below.

  • Large global office products company
  • World leader in condiments
  • Worldwide snack manufacturer
  • Asian functional ingredient company
  • Multinational software developer
  • Regional art company
  • Large specialty retailer
  • Fast growing package design firm
  • European automobile manufacturer

Our work supports the efforts of ALL professionals involved in developing and marketing products and services to consumers and customers:

  • Product development
  • Marketing and marketing research
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Packaging development
  • Sales and advertising
  • Business development
  • Innovation development
  • Strategy development

Contact information

For a more detailed presentation of our capabilities or to setup a meeting: Email us at

Or contact us directly:

Jacqueline Beckley
President & Chief Innovator
Denville, NJ
TEL: (973) 328-9107
FAX: (973) 328-9108



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